2020 Risk & Safety Forum Speakers

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Shahen Poghosyan, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Shahen Poghosyan, Nuclear Safety Officer, Safety Assessment Section, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Mr Poghosyan has 18 years of experience of working in the field of nuclear safety, focusing on activities related to Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) and risk-informed decision making. Heading the risk assessment group at Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center (Armenia)   Mr Poghosyan was actively involved in development of full scope PSA models, PSA applications and national regulations in the field of nuclear safety.

Since 2016 he has worked in the Safety Assessment Section at IAEA, where he is in charge of IAEA activities related to risk assessment, such as the Multi-unit risk assessment, PSA for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), Risk Aggregation, Human Reliability Analysis, Use of PSA for security purposes.

In 2008 Mr Poghosyan was awarded a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Nuclear Engineering. During his professional career he has actively contributed to international topical working groups in the area of risk. Specifically Mr Poghosyan chaired the PSA working group of Water Water Energy Reactor (WWER) Regulators’ Forum and  he actively participated in Ageing PSA European Network. Additionally he currently represents IAEA at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development / Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD/NEA) Working Group on Risk Assessment (WGRISK) and Joint Committee for Nuclear Risk Management (JCNRM).

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Shahen is presenting 'Widening the Scope of Risk Assessment and Management' on Tuesday 15 September at 11:20 - 11:50 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about his topic of discussion. 


Lavinia Raganelli

Dr Lavinia Raganelli, Consultant, CRA

Lavinia has over 7 years' industry experience.

At CRA, she has developed risk models across the entire UK nuclear reactor fleet and for new build projects.

She has also worked on generation 4 reactors in France and at the External Events Safety Section at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

She holds a M.Eng. in Nuclear Engineering from La Sapienza, university of Rome and a Ph.D. in Seismic Risk for nuclear power plants from Imperial College London.

In her free time, Lavinia likes to learn German, practice martial arts and yoga.

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Lavinia is presenting 'Safety for Fusion' on Wednesday 16 September at 10:05 - 10:35 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about her topic of discussion. 


Andrew Wright, Lead Human Factors Engineer at CRA

Andrew Wright, Senior Consultant – Human Factors, CRA

Andrew Wright (MSc CPhys TechCIEHF) is Senior Consultant – Human Factors at CRA and a multi-disciplinary specialist with Master degrees in Nuclear Physics and Human Factors.

Andrew has 8 years’ experience in risk analysis and human factors projects across UK Critical National Infrastructure projects, with prominent experience in the nuclear sector on existing civil and new build projects.

His goals are to help grow Human Factors services and develop the CRA/Assystem team into an industry leader. He continues to provide support and develop further expertise across a range of Human Factors projects, including the Bradwell B Generic Design Assessment as well as Cyber Security, Defence and research projects.

Andrew specialises in Human Reliability Assessment (HRA) and is the acting secretary of the HRA Society.

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Andrew is co-delivering the workshop session: 'Performance Shaping Factors (PSF) – Avoiding expensive and dangerous outcomes through the application of Human Factors.' on Wednesday 16 September at 11:15 - 12:00 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about this topic of discussion. 


Ajit Rai, Assystem

Ajit Rai has worked with both the academia and the industry since past 5 years. 

At Assystem, he has conceptualized and lead the project on optimization of scheduling of large-scale industrial projects, and is also leading the R&D objectives for integrating the RAMS, MBSE and PHM capabilities already present at Assystem. 

Prior to joining Assystem, Ajit did his Ph.D. in collaboration with Alstom, France and Inria, France (The French Institute of Research in Computer Science and Automation). His Ph.D. thesis focused on using variance reduction techniques, like Importance Sampling, to accelerate Monte-Carlo simulations for estimation of availability of complex rail systems.

Ajit also holds a dual European Master in Nuclear engineering from UPC, Barcelona and Grenoble INP, France. 

At his leisure, he likes to read about Cosmology, French History and play Cricket.

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Ajit is presenting 'A Model-Based Approach for Mission Critical Infrastructure' on Tuesday 15 September at 10:45 - 11:15 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about his topic of discussion. 


Louise Whiting, Barberton Limited

Louise Whiting (CEng MEng MIChemE FSaRS) is a leading innovator in process safety communication online with a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College.

Louise has more than 11 years’ experience in frontline and project roles for multiple operating oil and gas majors. She started her career at BP before progressing to Shell, and has experience working internationally, including Iraq and Norway.

Louise is a passionate advocate for personal development. In 2013 she gained chartership with IChemE in process engineering, followed by Shell’s technical safety technical authority (level 2) qualification in 2015 and professional process safety engineer with the IChemE in 2018. She is also a Fellow of the Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS), regularly contributes to SaRS’ CPD webinar programme and she is involved in SaRS licensing for CEng and IEng. She is also a guest lecturer at Imperial College in Safety and Loss Prevention and facilitates technical courses with the IChemE.

In 2019 Louise set up Barberton Limited which provides risk management solutions to operators such as ADNOC with a practical perspective. She has also recently founded a process safety channel to help make this information more accessible to others, and hosts a free weekly process safety forum which is broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook.

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Louise is a panellist at the Panel Session: Model Based Safety Cases on Wednesday 16 September at 10:40 - 11:10 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about this topic of discussion. 


Michael Zammett, Principal Consultant, CRA

Michael is a chartered engineer with over 12 years of experience in safety and risk consulting to a range of industries. Recently, Michael has been heavily involved in providing PSA support to the EDF NNB GenCo EPR™ project.

Michael has experience working with designers, operators, regulators and investors in assessing the risk posed by the high hazard industries both in the UK and abroad.

Michael has derived and delivered several training courses to a variety of clients from specific detailed training in areas of Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) (also known as Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) or Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)), including Fault Tree (FTA) and Event Tree Analysis (ETA); to more general methods of risk assessment such as Failure modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Reliability Block Diagrams.

Michael is used to applying CRA’s trademark blend of detailed and simplistic analysis to strike the optimal balance between effort and insight into the design, operation, maintenance and assurance activities of his clients.

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Michael is delivering  a workshop called; 'PSA Introduction & Surgery' on Tuesday 16 September at 13:00 - 14:00 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about this topic of discussion. 


Dr Emma Taylor, Principal Strategy Implementation Manager (Asset Integrity) (RSSB) and Non-Exec Director for the Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS)

Dr Emma Taylor CEng FIMechE FSaRS FRSA is a Principal Strategy Implementation Manager at the Rail Safety Standards Board (RSSB) where she leads Asset Integrity for the GB railway’s cross-industry strategy Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway (LHSBR). She is also a Non-Exec Director for the Safety and Reliability Society (SaRS) with a PhD in survivability of spacecraft in orbit from the University of Kent.

Emma is a leading system risk and safety engineer with more than 25 years' experience working across space, transport and energy. At RSSB she currently holds a principal role in asset integrity, advising on transport safety. As a Lead System Safety Engineer, she has supported development of many industry standards, and continues to work towards broadening safety to include resilience, sustainability and security. Previous roles include a Principal Systems Engineer at Europe’s largest aerospace company and an Operations Manager supporting global oil majors in meeting their offshore regulatory requirements.

As Chair of SaRS' Engineering Membership Committee, she and her team of assessors operate under license from the Engineering Council to award professional registration (CEng and IEng). A mentor to more than ten safety professionals at all career stages and an advocate for diversity and inclusion, Emma is also a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Astronomical Society, and one of the FT’s Top 100 Most Influential Woman in Engineering.


Andrew Kilner, EUROCONTROL

Andy KILNER works at EUROCONTROL in the field of safety and safety risk modelling. Initially Andy worked on the European safety culture programme before taking over the SESAR safety research programme which included the development of air traffic management risk models. Andy now manages the research to deployment of the risk models with air traffic service providers in Europe. Previously Andy worked in the fields of nuclear in defence and civil and in conventional defence, and also at Sony and at the UK National Air Traffic Services as a human factors consultant. Andy has over 20 years of experience in applying human factors to safety critical complex systems.

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Andy is a panellist at the Panel Session: Model Based Safety Cases on Wednesday 16 September at 10:40 - 11:10 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about this topic of discussion. 


Jasbir Sidhu

Jasbir Sidhu, Managing Director, CRA

Jasbir Sidhu is one of the founders of CRA and is currently the Managing Director. Jasbir is one of the UK’s leading Operational Risk Analysts with over twenty five years' experience as an integrated Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Safety Case, Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA)/ Human Factors Assessment (HFA) specialist.

He provides power generation clients with an understanding of their plant operational risks and suggests ways of managing risk profiles by means of plant re-design and/or modifications to plant operating procedures. He has developed many risk models for international clients and the UK’s fleet of nuclear power stations.

Today, Jasbir spends time aiding the development of the next fleet of operating reactors and with clients running risk awareness workshops to develop and instil a risk aware culture to improve safety and operations.

Jasbir is the dynamic leader behind CRA’s expansion, particularly in Asia, where he sits on the board of the Asia Nuclear Business Platform. Jasbir regularly contributes to the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) and is a guest industry lecturer at Imperial College, London.

At the Risk & Safety Forum, Jasbir will give provide the opening remarks on Tuesday 15 September at 10:35 - 11:05 BST (UK Time). View the agenda to find out more about. 


The Risk & Safety Forum is free to attend and booking is now open. Click the following link to register:  CRA Risk & Safety Forum 2020 Registration. 

View the Risk & Safety Forum Agenda here: CRA Risk & Safety Forum 2020 Agenda